As of 2012, India and Pakistan were holding several hundred prisoners of each other’s country for minor violations like trespass or visa overstay, often with accusations of espionage attached. Some of these include cases where Pakistan and India both deny citizenship to these people, leaving them stateless. The BBC reported in 2012 on one such case, that of Mohammed Idrees, who was held under Indian police control for approximately 13 years for overstaying his 15-day visa by 2–3 days after seeing his ill parents in 1999. Much of the 13 years was spent in prison waiting for a hearing, and more time was spent homeless or living with generous families. The Indian People’s Union for Civil Liberties and Human Rights Law Network both decried his treatment. The BBC attributed some of the problems to tensions caused by the Kashmir conflict.[21]
Like every Eyewitness book, it has large white pages filled with diagrams, small captions, and many photos. Because of its publisher, I have confidence that the information is as accurate as it could be.
Wanneer je een liefhebber bent van muziek, zal deze gadget je vast wel eens van pas kunnen komen. De Divoom Voombox Outdoor is een portable speaker die gebruikt maakt van 5 uitgebalanceerde drivers, die ervoor zorgen dat je goed en hard geluid hebt, waar je ook bent! Diepe bass en zuivere mid- en high tonen. Lekker muziek luisteren bij elke outdoor activiteit, met deze stevige Bluetooth box!
Cooles Technik-Gadget: Im “Leo Smartkey” von Keyos lassen sich bis zu sechs Ihrer Schlüssel verstecken, die auf Knopfdruck automatisch aus dem Gehäuse fahren. Zwei LED-Lampen sorgen bei Nacht für eine bessere Sicht. Optional lassen sich in der Schlüsselgarage auch ein 16 GB USB-Stick (13 Euro) und eine Nagelfeile (10 Euro) für Ihre Freundin parken. Beides kann nach dem Herausfahren abgenommen werden.
Den Anhänger von früher scheint es nicht meht zu geben. Statt dessen kann man extra einen Rocketlauncher dazu bestellen. Der funktioniert zwar auch “einigermaßen” – aber im Nachhinein würde ich darauf verzichten.
Let’s be frank: sometimes the best gadget is as simple as a caveman’s tool. With a diamond coating and three grit densities on the same rod, however, this knife sharpener is no Pleistocene implement. “Keeps your kitchen knives surgically sharp without the need for a bench stone,” Fortune senior features editor Tim Smith says.
The Nokia 8 is powered by 1.8GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and it comes with 4GB of RAM. The phone packs 64GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 256GB via a microSD card. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Nokia 8 packs a 13-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 13-megapixel front shooter for selfies.
According to Harvard Medical School, there are several variables that have an influence on sleep quality, including temperature, light, and noise, and this is true for infants, toddlers and adults, alike. Eliminating stressful elements and distractions in the bedroom can lead to better sleep, which has given rise to various white noise devices, like the …
Hilfe, das Smartphone mit allen wichtigen Telefonnummern ist verschwunden! Das Notebook mit Firmen-internen Daten wurde gestohlen?! Das Tablet lässt sich nicht mehr finden? Was tun? Nur keine Panik! Mit diesen Tipps kommt man seinen Geräten wieder auf die Spur.
There was a time when plasma screens reigned supreme in the 46-inch TV market. But in much the same way as a meteor strike killed off the dinosaurs, the second coming of the LCD TV the invasive species that has done for plasma. We’re still huge advocates of plasma on TechRadar, don’t get us wrong, but the tech is dying out at this size. Old-school CCFL tech has been replaced by LED backlight scanning and technical wizardry to make LCD tech viable in large sizes. Read: 10 best 46 and 47-inch TVs
Wer Probleme mit Mäusen hat, wird sich über die Mousetrap von Xignal freuen. Ob die Mäuse sich damit lieber fangen lassen, ist unklar, aber die Falle meldet immerhin automatisch auf dem PC oder dem Smartphone, sobald sie ein Tierchen erwischt hat. Das erspart das ständige Nachschauen. weniger
Watching the bicyclists speed down New York streets while staring at their phones is scary enough. Integrating a 4-inch Android touchscreen into the bicycle for navigation, music playback and walk-talkie talking to other people not watching where they’re going, as LeEco has done, is just asking for trouble. But useful!
The initial object of Bond and Amasova’s original mission in Cairo. The tracking system was developed at Stromberg’s Facility, but was leaked by one of the developers in order to make an extra profit out of it. Stromberg sent Jaws to retrieve the blueprints to avoid any possible link to his company. Jaws however was unsuccessful in retrieving the blueprints.
‘That birthday party is today?!’ When this sentence suddenly pops into your head, it’s a guarantee for an immediate adrenaline rush and an increased heart beat… You can easily replace the birthday party by any other occasion to which you’re invited and that requires a (small) present for the host. Who prefers to avoid such peaks of stress, would want to have a suitable gift ready at all times. Check out the Emergency Cheque Box!