Of je nu een doorgewinterde hardloper bent of een starter in het joggingvak, de Fitbit geeft je inzicht in je sportactiviteiten en helpt je van shit naar fit. Deze activity tracker in de vorm een minimalistische armband houdt je verbrande calorieën, je afgelegde kilometers en je aantal stappen bij. Perfect voor statistiekfetisjisten.
Samsungs Gear 360 nimmt Fotos und Videos nicht nur flach, sondern rundum auf. Daraus macht die Kamera Kugelpanoramen, die entweder am Smartphone oder mit geeigneten Virtual-Reality-Brillen erkundet werden können. Im Inneren stecken zwei 15-Megapixel-Sensoren (Blende f2.0) hinter… mehr
Standard wristwatch complete with several different gadgets ranging from lasers, communication devices, homing beacons, explosives, etc. Made standard to all 00 Agents and has aided and saved Bond in several dangerous situations. Former 00 Agent Alec Trevelyan also uses a watch similar to Bond’s. Ironically, in the novels Bond wore a Rolex Explorer, not a Submariner.[5]
Happily Unmarried is also a great website to buy tech gadgets online – coole gerätetechnik kaufen. The name of this online mega store itself sets the tone of what to expect. The best part of this website is that the products that you see online are unique because products shown on Happily Unmarried are created by their in-house team.
We’ve seen this concept before, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. It’s an HD projector that can supplement your game display by filling your walls with action as you play. It’s still just a prototype, but a girl can dream.
For the abuse of social networks, the technological solutions are more reasonable. The first solution is privacy settings in all these social networks, you have to change proper settings to protect your own information against external users. There is a guidance of privacy setting for Facebook users: http://www.allfacebook.com/facebook-privacy-2009-02. The second solution is proper data management, e.g, protection against hacker and limited data communication with external sources. Though there are different stories about the information sharing between Facebook and different governmental organizations, we hope Fackbook will always put privacy at their first priority and always stick to their original aim.
I did prepare some interview questions before the interview, but finally it turend out that it was more like an conversation during which I learned Mr. Geurts’s opinion towards our statement and his attitude towards these observation techniques.
Samsung hat vor wenigen Wochen seine beiden neuen Flaggschiffe Galaxy S9 und Galaxy S9 Plus vorgestellt. Laut zahlreichen Lieferanten verkaufen sich die neuen Geräte allerdings viel schlechter als erwartet. Die ersten Zahlen sind wohl ernüchternd.   …mehr
So we’re here to separate the good from the bad when it comes to tech that will actually be helpful versus things you wouldn’t use as much as the manufacturers want to make you think. Without further ado, here are 20 cool gadgets all parents should own, from one parent to another.
We’re very proud to say that The Micro 3D Printer will be assembled in the USA using a mix of custom-designed domestic and imported parts. Not only are we devoted to the resurgence of manufacturing in the USA, we also believe that this is essential to achieve the level of quality that we’re committed to providing.
Some people don’t know or don’t realize that they are being watched every single day, by surveillance cameras, satellites, security guards etc. But the problem gets even bigger, we are not being watched by what is obvious, other techniques such as laser scanners, CT scanners, CCTV, Skyhook and many more exist and these methods go beyond people’s imagination. For example Andy Greenberg has written his on blog about the abuse of full-body scan technologies used in police vans (ZVB’s). First of all I truly believe that the people who live in (mostly American) cities don’t know that this technique exists, but secondly I also believe that even if they did know it existed, they would say that it is not applied on them! “Only terrorist and criminals get in touch with these modern types of pursuit”, unfortunately they are misguided and ignorant, because not only bomb-squad and border control uses the technique, police corps have normal police vans who are transformed into ZVB’s.
Smarter Beamer statt Smart-TV: Der neue ProBeam von LG ist ein Laser-Beamer mit eingebauter Smart-TV-Plattform. Das rund zwei Kilogramm schwere Gerät wirft Bilder in Full HD (1920 zu 1080 Pixel) an die Wand, der Ton geht per Bluetooth an kompatible Lautsprecher und Kopfhörer…. mehr
Streng genommen ist ” The Frame” von Samsung ein TV-Gerät. Im Art Mode jedoch verwandelt es sich in einen Bilderrahmen. Dieser kann mit digitaler Kunst oder persönlichen Motiven bespielt werden. Aus über 100 Werken der Samsung Collection können Nutzer kostenfrei Kunstwerke auswählen, darunter… mehr
Monique: “Alles rondom vernieuwing van media; of dat nu Netflix of Blendle is, AppleTV of Google Chromecast. Het is interessant om te zien hoe technologie de media verder kan helpen, papier overbodig(er) maakt en een nieuwe doelgroep aanboort. Ik lees nu kranten en tijdschriften via Blendle die ik nooit in een kiosk zou kopen. Jongeren lezen meer nieuwsverhalen dan ooit, ook al is dat via Buzzfeed of Vice.”
However, espionage and intelligence can be linked. According to the MI5 website, “foreign intelligence officers acting in the UK under diplomatic cover may enjoy immunity from prosecution. Such persons can only be tried for spying (or, indeed, any criminal offence) if diplomatic immunity is waived beforehand. Those officers operating without diplomatic cover have no such immunity from prosecution”.
Du bist ein Nerd oder Geek? Willkommen in unserer Gadget Welt! Aber auch Normalos werden hier fündig und haben Spaß an coolen Gadgets. Die besten davon findest du auf dieser Seite. Hol dir das Spielzeug 3.0 nach Hause und freu dich auf lustige Spiele, nervige Wecker, Retro Technik und echte Klassiker in moderner Aufmachung. Gadgets sind übrigens auch bei Groß und Klein als Geschenk sehr beliebt. Die Auswahl ist groß und so findest du im Geheimshop sicher das richtige Gadget für dich oder deine Freunde.
Sonys neue Kompaktkamera HX350 hat ein Zeiss-Objektiv (F2,8 – 6,3) mit einem 50-fachen optischen Zoom und 20,4 Megapixel Auflösung. Damit soll sie auch weit entfernte Motive nah und scharf fokussiert heranholen. Damit nichts verwackelt, ist eine Bildstabilisierung eingebaut. Videos filmt sie in Full-HD (1920 zu 1080 Bildpunkte) mit maximal 24 Aufnahmen pro Sekunde. Sie hat einen klappbaren LCD-Bildschirm und einen elektronischen Sucher an Bord. Die 650 Gramm schwere Kamera kostet 449 Euro. weniger
Essentially a mobile security camera with some smart-home control capabilities, when Kuri ships about a year from now it will roam your home checking on your kids and pets when you’re not home. It looks like a robot, though, so it’s cool just for that.
Developed by Q-Branch, but not used in the field. This would look like an ordinary cast on a broken arm, except that it can also be used on an assailant coming from the back by springing out and bashing the purpotrator.
While not the same one that Francisco Scaramanga uses, this is the .38 Smith & Wesson Model 15 revolver with which Goldfinger shoots out an airplane window in an attempt to murder Bond, inadvertently killing himself.[clarification needed]