So richtig Sinn macht SoundTouch erst mit mehreren Boxen: Dann nämlich kann jede Box einzeln angesteuert werden, um etwa in verschiedenen Räumen unterschiedliche Musik in bester Bose-Qualität abzuspielen – oder eben über mehrere Räume hinweg die gleiche. Als Quelle kann ein Internet-Radiosender, ein Musikdienst oder die eigene Playlist auf dem Rechner, Tablet oder Smartphone dienen.
2. After he saw the video clip of “Privacy matters” in the previous post, he could understand some concerns in it, but he didn’t feel fear about the issues. Also towards surveillance techniques like CCTV, he doesn’t mind to be watched daily in public places, as well his mobile phone being tracked because he thinks this tracking mainly aims to provide you beter customer service, e.g. greeting when you come to a new place. Then I told him that there are companies taking the advantage of similar techniques to rank products and carry surveys without informing people. His answer was very clear: it’s the responsibility of the operator to inform people clearly their intention when they use such technical devices, otherwise people will feel uncomfortable. Karel has already mentioned this in the post “Personal privacy vs. Public security” as follows: “If devices for observation are used, the people who are watched should be aware of this” In general, he believes that these techniques tend to work more on its positive side, he won’t worry about being watched or observed as long as he behaves properly.
Plenty of scientists were reasoning the same way, but they’re the scientists whose names we don’t remember, because they were the ones who mocked Galileo and opposed inoculation. (The story of inoculations for …
We beginnen met de iPhone 6. Het is bijna logisch dat de populaire telefoon in het lijstje wordt genoemd. De smartphone heeft een aantal verbeteringen ten opzichte van de iPhone 5. Zo maakt de camera een stuk scherpere foto’s dan de voorganger en bevatten minder ruis.
Walther firearms have had a long and storied history with 007. First issued in the film Dr. No, this semi-automatic double-action pistol was intended to replace Bond’s .25 ACP Beretta pistol after it jammed on a previous mission. This pistol has an overall weight of 590 g (21 oz) and a calibre of 7.65mm (.32 ACP). Bond was threatened to be demoted to standard intelligence duties unless he accepts use of the pistol. Bond later upgrades to a Walther P99 9 mm semi-automatic pistol in the film Tomorrow Never Dies before exchanging it for the traditional PPK in the film Quantum of Solace . In Skyfall, Q issues a new weapon to Bond – a Walther PPK/S 9mm short (.380 ACP) with a built in optical palm reader exclusively encoded to 007’s palm print, ensuring 007 is the only one that can fire the weapon, making the new Walther a true signature gun.
Not a gadget, but used as one. When exposed by James Bond to be the assassins responsible for eliminating everyone in the diamond operation, Mr. Kidd then takes a pair of Shiskabobs and lights them on fire with the intent of using them as weapons. Unfortunately, this plan backfires massively, as Bond throws alcohol through the Shishkabobs and onto Mr. Kidd, instantly setting him on fire.
Garmin packt ein GPS-Modul in ein Fitnessarmband. Das Ergebnis heißt Vivosmart HR+ und soll zurückgelegte Strecken und Geschwindigkeiten nun noch genauer messen. Daneben erfasst das Armband die Pulsfrequenz und zeigt den Kalorienverbrauch an. Die Sensoren unterscheiden auch, ob gelaufen, geradelt oder geschwommen wird und speichert die Daten der Sportart entsprechend. Wird ein Telefon per Bluetooth gekoppelt, werden auch eingehende Anrufe auf dem kleinen Display angezeigt. Der Fitnesstracker mit Satellitenverbindung kostet rund 220 Euro. weniger
Vrouw, 41, mama van Sterre (2007), Yuren (2010), Lenthe (2012), Fee (2015), sproeten, klein, bang van honden, gaat (te) graag uit eten, drinkt (te) graag rode wijn, verslaafd aan haar iPhone (ik geef het toe), zou graag veel meer boeken lezen (maar geen tijd), hart op de tong, onderwijsadviseur, zelfontplooiing, houdt van roze, heeft twee linkerhanden (maar knutselt heel graag met de kinderen), kan niet zingen (maar doet dat wel graag), heeft een stappenteller omdat ze anders teveel op de bank zit, zou vaker op vakantie willen, kookt het liefst liflafjes (en baalt dat de kinderen dan de helft niet lusten) en is een redelijke gadgetfreak.
Nintendo’s new Wii aims to improve on the previous version with new, innovative ways to play. A tablet-like touchscreen acts as a controller that can work in concert with what’s displayed on the screen. Online services, including a system for watching TV through the console, rounds out the device.
Spionage-Gadgets sind sehr beliebt. Sie sind leicht erhältlich und arbeiten zuverlässig. Detektiv-Gadgets überraschen durch Funktionalität und Form. Man findet auf dem Markt z.B. Diktiergeräte in Form von Kugelschreibern, Minikameras in Knöpfen, „unsichtbare“ Tinte und vieles andere mehr. Wir beraten Sie, wie man Abhörgeräte verstecken, wo man eine Kamera anbringen und wie man ein GPS-Ortungsgerät montieren kann. Spionage-Gadgets für jedermann bieten ein breites Spektrum an Methoden der Überwachung. Detektivausrüstung ist ein praktisches Geschenk für Leute, die es lieben, Geheimnisse aufzudecken und Rätsel zu lösen. Einige der Gadgets können Geschenke für Kinder sein – z.B. ein Kugelschreiber, dessen Schrift erst im UV-Licht sichtbar ist. Wer träumte nicht davon, wie ein Geheimagent vorzugehen? Mit diesen Geräten wird dieser Traum wahr!
A new technique for locating people is called “Skyhook”. I will use my definition from the blog: “Skyhook is a software development kit that producers of mobile devices( phones, laptops, PDA’s,…) can use to locate their mobile devices… It uses GPS, cell tower triangulation and WIFI to locate you. This system works from rural to urban areas, indoors and outside. The special thing about this is the “WIFI-locating mode” for inside houses, cities… It uses all WIFI – access points it knows, also your home wireless network. Every WIFI router has its own MAC address (private?), by searching and locating as many routers ass possible by “wardriving”[5], they have, especially in cities, a covered network to locate you if you have a WIFI device with skyhook on it.”[6] As it is an open source software kit, abuse is not far away. Probably this technique will not be a real problem for privacy in future because most people won’t have the skills to abuse it. It will be more “dangerous” because of the abuse by criminals and “extreme” forms of shop around the corner) as even strong existing regulations cannot stop advertising companies.  Also the feeling that you can be tracked everywhere will not be pleasant for everyone.
5. His final summary was he is at the neutral position of our blog statement as mention already, every technique can be abused, but abuse is not the main melody of a technique as it will be always directed by the “feedback” from the society. His last question towards me was what kind of problem for privacy are we discussing?