I live in an apartment building with humongous, dumb industrial washers and dryers that burn everything and are a big Hercules Laundry Monitoring fail, so I don’t get all the fuss about multicompartment smart washer/dryer combos. But our smart Smart Home folks think these are “the wackiest innovation we’ve seen yet” and not just because it has two washer compartments and two dryer compartments. It can operate off a water line even when washing two loads simultaneously, has customizable temperature zones for the small dryer, and can be controlled by your phone.
So far, Sharks are the most commonly used animal as a weapon with Snakes coming in second place. The film Live And Let Die uses the most common animals while Octopussy uses the most variety of animals.
In den USA wird an Geräten gearbeitet, die Speisen drucken können. Allerdings gelingt das bislang nur mit Einschränkungen. Doch der nächste Schritt wird bereits geplant: Essens-Replikatoren, die kalte und warme Gerichte erschaffen.
For centuries, men has tried to investigate, understand, control, monitor, spy or fathom his fellowman . Without some form of control would we feel helpless and defenseless in the world of today apparently it is in our blood to feel like we are almighty. Nevertheless throughout the ages technology has made its entrance in the big brother effect (because lets be serious, it was present a long time before the TV show, the show just made people become aware of the phenomenon). For example “The iPhone uses both, GPS and Skyhook – you can’t hide – the only way to hide from this is to take out the battery – oh, wait a second … you can’t take the battery out of an iPhone!” or “Privacy isn’t safe at Facebook” where every move of the users is monitored, even outside Facebook sites and pages. Just google and you will find a lot of other examples.
Van slecht weer gesproken: deze paraplu download elke dag via wifi een on line weerbericht en begint blauw op te lichten als het gaat regenen of sneeuwen.Een beetje een kruising tussen de lichtsabels uit Star Wars en de elfenzwaarden van Frodo en Sam die oplichten wanneer er Orks in de buurt zijn in Lord of the Rings.
Flir hat seine Infrarotkameras zum Anstecken an Smartphones erneuert. Die dritte Generation der Flir One lässt sich per USB-C oder Lightning mit Android- und iOS-Smartphones verbinden. Sie schießt Thermalbilder und Videos mit 80 zu 60 Pixeln Auflösung auf einem Normalfarbenbild mit 1440 zu 1080 Pixeln. Die Kamera kann Temperaturen… mehr
Watching the bicyclists speed down New York streets while staring at their phones is scary enough. Integrating a 4-inch Android touchscreen into the bicycle for navigation, music playback and walk-talkie talking to other people not watching where they’re going, as LeEco has done, is just asking for trouble. But useful!
Personen die geobserveerd worden moeten zich hiervan bewust zijn. In België is het verplicht te vermelden indien personen gefilmd worden. In banken, tankstations en zelfs in bussen van De Lijn waar er gefilmd wordt is dit vermeld. Dit moet doorgetrokken worden naar andere technieken, waar het soms minder duidelijk is dat deze gebruikt worden. Denk maar aan het misbruik van klantenkaarten in de supermarkten om onze aankopen bij te houden.
Have you ever taken a photograph of a beautiful vista and wished that you could just get higher up for that perfect shot? And perhaps include yourself in the photo? The Panono wants to fix that. A “throwable” panoramic ball camera, Panono takes 72-megapixel, 360-degree by 360-degree spherical images and sends them, wirelessly, to your phone. So the next time you find yourself in need of fisheye-style album cover art (or maybe just a neat picture of the family), pull out the Panono.
One of the biggest challenges when dealing with being responsible for a child’s well-being is to get them to eat their damn vegetables — it’s impossible. Unless, of course, you know some tricks of the trade, like sneaking in veggies! One great way to sneak in veggies is with a Nutri Ninja Pro, a 900 watt nutrient & vitamin extractor that enables you to make great fruit and veggie smoothies that even your kids will love. It also allows you to make delicious frozen treats, dressings and allows you to mash up veggies so they’re nearly liquified so you can sneak them into your cooking. For example, when making burgers, blend some spinach and throw it into the ground meat, and not only is the flavor mild but your kids won’t see the spinach because the Nutri Ninja blends it so finely.
Outwardly disguised as a military ambulance, this is how Goldfinger brings his industrial laser to Fort Knox. The “ambulance” has an opening roof, which allows the laser to be raised up from inside and aimed at its targets.
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Bags, not only very practical, but also really stylish. We’ll set the real ‘man bag’ aside. But there are plenty of other bags that should be part of your basic equipment. Discover which 5 bags every man needs.
US-Hersteller Koss ist eigentlich für seine faltbaren Retrokopfhörer bekannt. Mit dem BT 190i gibt es nun auch ein drahtloses Headset für Sportler. Es verbindet sich per Bluetooth 4.1 mit Smartphones, Tablets und anderen Geräten. Pro Akkuladung gibt es bis zu sechs Stunden… mehr