I’m pretty good about charging my phone throughout the day, and with wireless charging now included on more phones it’s easier than ever to stay charged. Inevitably though, I’m actively using my phone or other non-wireless-charging device when I really need a charge. My solution has been to strategically place cables around the house. It …
Einen fertigen Star-Wars-Droiden kaufen? Wo bleiben da Spass und Kreativität? Eben. Dieses Erfinder-Kit ermöglicht Jung und Alt, einen eigenen Roboter-Helfer zu bauen und zu programmieren. Die dazugehörige App unterstützt dabei – zum Beispiel durch Video-Tutorials oder In-App-Challenges. Wer schon immer seinen eigenen Droiden haben wollte – egal ob nun als Butler oder Wachroboter – der sollte sich das Droid Inventor Kit ruhig einmal genauer ansehen. Kostenpunkt: Circa 120 Euro.
The Indigo Girls are well known folk-rockers, who burst on the scene in the late 80’s with hits like “Galileo” and “Closer to Fine.” Their devoted fans and ongoing social action have made Amy Ray and Emily …
Chromebooks focus on what computing has been all about since the late ’90s, the web browser, through Google’s Chrome operating system. What should you look out for in a Chromebook? The majority of these Google laptops use either the same or similar low-power components. This is largely what is behind the unquestionable affordability of these mobile rigs – most of which start under $300 (about £175, AU$319). Read: Best Chromebooks 2014
Mit Hilfe dieses Leuchtkastens lässt sich Oldschool-Kino-Atmosphäre in die eigenen vier Wände tragen. Außerdem kann man die Lightbox auch zur Überbringung romantischer Botschaften nutzen. Investieren muss man dafür rund 25 Euro.
When it comes to digitizer tablets, there is one particular name that stands above the rest: Wacom. Wacom has been a mainstay in the world of digitizer tablets and pens, and the company continues to cement its legacy in this area with the latest Cintiq Pro 24-inch pen display. This is a brand new high performance mid-sized display that has been specially built for cutting-edge creative and design applications, taking into consideration how the industry is moving into augmented and virtual reality sectors as well.
For Fortune senior writer Jessi Hempel, 2013 was all about “watches, watches, watches!” At the top of that list is the Pebble Smartwatch, which will track your runs and get you the game score with equal aplomb. Pebble says the device will last five to seven days on a single charge and can go almost 100 feet underwater without issue. Not that you were planning on pushing those boundaries, right?
You can’t, however, bring any of these objects a soccer game. This has probably something to do with the fact that the chance you want to harm somebody in a soccer stadium with one of these tools is much higher than the chance you want to cut your steak, mend your piano or hunt for game. What is also interesting is that it is illegal to possess knuckle dusters, while they won’t help you much in a fight against somebody with a legal knife.
The third group has doubts with the current observation techniques, but don’t really lie awake at night from this problem with their privacy. They accept that everything has advantages and disadvantages and are not willing to do something active about it.
Yamahas MusicCast Add WXAD-10 vernetzt jegliches Audiogerät mit analogem Eingang. Der kleine Kasten wird über Cinch oder Miniklinke verbunden und leitet so Musik von anderen Audiogeräten oder auch vernetzten Instrumenten weiter. So lassen sich bestehende Geräte in Yamahas Multiroomsystem einbinden. Außerdem können über die… mehr
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1. He is at the neutral position of our blog statement. His reason is it is the “feedback” of the society determines the direction in which techniques will evovle, it’s also why only good techniques last a long time. But it’s also important that there exist a group of people who are against certain techniques either because it’s still too new to prove its functionality or they “exaggerate” its real or potential negative side, because they don’t feel comfort to it, are afraid of it or just don’t like it. However, thanks to these people that the public can know more about the techniques and the company can work further to direct these techniques to a more postive direction.